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This way, you can reuse contents across Confluence. Say goodbye to redundant documentation and stay organized and keep information up to date. Try Multiple Excerpts & Include Macros out today!

Known issues

  • Use of colon ( : ) in page title

You might face issues when using colon ( : ) in page title. This is problematic because Confluence uses colon to differentiate between space and page title when dealing with cross space contents. For example, if you have page title ‘Everest: The highest mountain!', Confluence considers 'Everest’ as space key and rest as page title.

Suggestion: It’s best to not use colon ( : ) in page title. You are free to use any other letters or symbols.

  • Intermittent failure to load included content

If you include too many excerpts in a page, e.g. more than 50 excerpts, you might notice intermittent failure when loading the page. This is caused by Confluence API rate limit, as the add-on uses Confluence REST API to retrieve excerpts. Unfortunately, Atlassian has not disclosed exact metrics when the rate limit is enabled.

Suggestion: We suggest users to limit include macros per page to less than 50, ideally not more than 20. For example, you can split the large page into multiple child pages, so the number of macros in each page remains under certain limit.