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Information available to your customer in Service Desk portal is too limited? Do you want to show request priority, assignee, time estimate and many other fields to customers? You can solve this probem problem with Extra Fields for Jira Service DeskManagement

This add-on was initially released as Read Only Fields for Jira Service Desk.


Here you can choose fields which you want to let customers view. Please note that fields selected here needs to have value. If any of the fields does not yet contain value, it will not be displayed in the portal.

Save the selected fields. Now you can create a test request or use an existing request. Make sure to assign values to selected fields via issue edit screen if they are empty.

Portal View


Those read only fields with values will be displayed in portal request detail view.

Known issues

  1. Some attachments are not displayed in customer portal

If you create a ticket internally (not from customer portal) and share with customer, attachments might not be displayed to customer. This is caused by Jira permission issue.

As an alternative option, you can create a ticket from customer portal on behalf of customer instead of creating a ticket internally and sharing it with them.


Attachments added here will be visible to the customer and any other customers whom the ticket is shared afterwards.