Issue Template for Jira

Issue Template for Jira allows you to define template which will automatically add template to fields in issue create window. This app works on both company managed and team managed projects.

Issue Template for Jira - Bug template example
Example bug template



You can install the app from Atlassian Marketplace:

User Guide

1.1 Define templates

Once installed, you can now define issue templates per project. In order to define templates, go to your Project → Project Settings → Apps → Issue Templates

You can define one template per issue type in a project.

Issue Template for Jira - create templage window
Create templates page

1.2 Templates in create issue window

Once template is saved, it will be active on that project. When you create issue using create issue window, the template will be automatically prefilled for title and description fields for all users.

Story template

If you want to deactivate a template, simply go back to project settings and delete the template.


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