HTML & Iframe Macro for Confluence

HTML & Iframe Macro for Confluence is add-on which allows users to add custom contents using HTML, CSS and Javascript. It is also very handy when one needs to embed external web pages, forms, charts etc as iframe.


If you haven't installed, please install from Atlassian Marketplace here:

User Guide

Once installed, open macro browser and select HTML/Iframe Macro.

Click on edit icon and it should open following window where you can enter your code. It accepts standard HTML, CSS and Javascript. If you have external iframe code, just copy and paste it in the textbox.

Here are some example use cases:

Example 1: Add custom content using HTML, CSS and Javascript

You can enter standard HTML document. It also accepts CSS for styling and Javascript for custom functionalities.

Example 2: Embed Google Forms

First, create form in Google Forms and copy iframe code which you can find by clicking send or share button.

Open HTML/Iframe Macro macro in Confluence and enter the copied Iframe code in textbox.

Save and don’t forget to publish it. Your Google form will be beautifully rendered in Confluence.

That’s it. Now users can fill form without leaving Confluence. Their responses will be saved in Google Form.

Other Examples

For other examples, please follow the links bellow.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us via email: or Service Desk portal: